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Animal advocate continues the work she is so passionate about

December 12, 2013 05:08 from James Gardner

She is a defender of the animals and now Penny Stone is back stonger than ever with a new venture to help homeless pets.

"The Facebook page, honestly I was up all night, I couldn't leave, I kept updating--updating!"

The Facebook page lit up the minute it was posted. 

Penny Stone has launched the Victoria Humane Society. 


Since her speedy departure from the Victoria Branch of the SPCA, Stone has continued the work she is so passionate about.

"I keep getting calls from people who want me to come and help with this, and help with that.  It started out as just kind of a project, but then it just got bigger and bigger, and now we just have so many animals in care, and you know, it's our passion."

Stone has put together a shoestring staff that includes people she has worked with in the past and they are currently looking for a shelter location.

If you'd like to help out, or donate, look for the Victoria Humane Society on Facebook.