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Blue-Green Algae bloom on Elk/Beaver Lake

The Capital Regional District Parks is advising the public of a blue-green algae bloom at Elk/Beaver Lake Regional Park.

No overnight camping at Jordan River Regional Park

You won't be able to tether your tent at Jordan River Regional Park for the holidays. 

Fire at apartment building in Oak Bay

The Oak Bay Fire Department responded to a call at the Willow Crest apartments, around 3pm Sunday afternoon.

Robbery in Oak Bay

A small corner store in Oak Bay was robbed Saturday afternoon.

Victoria begins sewage treatment site search

                 Victoria Council has instructed its staff to start looking now, for potential sites for one or more sewage treatment conjunction with a review that will determine how many the city might need.

Inflation up locally, but still below national number

               Victoria and Vancouver were among the very few cities in Canada where inflation was actually a little higher in November than it was in October...even with the benefit of falling gasoline prices.

All-clear given after caustic soda spill

               A number of families evacuated as a result of a chemical spill in View Royal last night were allowed to return home in the wee hours this morning.

Fake prize scam

Victoria Police is spreading the word about a scam that is being reported around town.

Air control tower valuation going to higher court

              The B-C Assessment Authority is appealing the 20 dollar valuation that's been applied to the Nav-Can control tower at Victoria International Airport.

New Saanich mayor speaks out about "rocky start"

The new mayor of Saanich says he hopes he and council can move on from what he describes as a "rocky start."