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C-FAX Special Series: The Cost of Flying in Canada

With two new discount airlines trying to take off, C-FAX 1070 examines the future of air travel in Canada and Victoria in a five part series.

Steve Duffy's Sports Comment For Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

I am looking forward to tonight, Game One of the Western Lacrosse Association final, with the Victoria Shamrocks hosting the Maple Ridge Burrards.

Steve Duffy's Sports Comment For Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

You know a local sports team has its act together when its people get, for a lack of a better term...kicked upstairs.
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CFAX_NEWSPOLL_WEDNESDAY Should police have the power to impound the vehicles of people caught purchasing sex?

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Literacy Victoria forced to suspend activities
The only free literacy program for adults in Victoria will be suspending its activities on August 31st, due to a lack of funding.
First candidate announced in the Sidney Mayoral race
The first new candidate for the position of Mayor of Sidney has come forward.
Cowichan River now safe for recreational use
The lower sections of the Cowichan River are now safe for swimming, wading, or tubing.
Two Teens Missing
The girls haven't been heard from since Monday.
Watch out for traffic slow downs this week
Two spots of construction to avoid.
Phony Cash Shows Up on Saanich Peninsula
Funny money turned up at businesses in Sidney.
Deal struck to preserve Maber Flats in Central Saanich
Central Saanich has struck a tentative deal to buy and preserve the 25-acre Maber Flats as an agricultural drainage area.
Outboard Motors Stolen
Motors disappeared from private docks on the Peninsula.
Federal opposition says governments have no backbone in enforcing environmental laws
Federal Opposition Leader Tom Mulcair is in BC, and has had his first look at Douglas Channel on the province's central coast saying it is a very bad idea to use the narrows as a highway for super tankers.
HitchBOT gets guided tour of Victoria
It was a long distance to cover, but HitchBOT has finally reached the end of its journey.
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Aug 21, 2014 Victoria
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